New Mom Ashley Tisdale Also Birthed an Interior Design Business This Year

New Mom Ashley Tisdale Also Birthed an Interior Design Business This Year

And Diane Keaton Has Cosigned This Endeavor Ashley Tisdale’s New Interior Design Business is Called Frenshe Interiors

Fans know Ashley Tisdale as an actress, singer, and dancer. But the talented 35-year-old took on a new passion during the pandemic. The new mom launched her interior design company, dubbed Frenshe Interiors (named after her popular lifestyle blog), and started posting photos of her projects in late February. What began as a personal home renovation project with her dad is now a full-fledged business, with the star recently selling her overhauled house in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood for $5.78 million. For us, this pivot wasn’t a surprise. AD visited Tisdale at home in 2018 and saw how she worked with top designer Jake Arnold to create a space she described at the time as “laid-back chic with layers.” And in a February Instagram post, Tisdale revealed that she even took the Kelly Wearstler MasterClass.
While Tisdale is now taking some time off, we caught up with her just before she welcomed her baby girl, Jupiter. Here she reveals the inspiration behind the new business and its surprising celebrity fan.
Ashley Tisdale: I got into interior design over the years, working with some fantastic people like Jake Arnold and Pierce & Ward. My first home was built from the ground up by my dad, Mike Tisdale, and I think that’s when I became super creative with homes. I’ve flipped every house I’ve owned. I won’t go into thinking that, but I love to renovate and be creative in my space.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

My style with interior design changes. I like to let each house speak to me, and I go from there. When helping others, I do the same. I want to let their vision come to life versus my vision. I do love balancing masculinity with femininity. I don’t like to go too far each way.
The kitchen at the Los Feliz home Tisdale recently sold. Photo: Tessa Neustadt

What Projects Have You Completed So Far?

I designed the kitchen in my last house with my dad, and because of how great it came out, the owner who bought my last home reached out, and I designed her kitchen as well. It’s fun getting to work with my dad on other projects, not just my own. I’m also furnishing everything in our new home myself. Usually, I love to work with a designer, but I’ve gotten to the point where I trust myself and my decisions.

Which Designers Inspire You?

I love Brigette Romanek her mix of vintage and modern. Kelly Wearstler she’s amazing with color and brings the funk. Studio Shamshiri they are so unique with everything they do. Mandy Graham her approach to minimalism is sleek and beautiful.

Where Do You Source Pieces?

I have so many favorite places: I love Chairish, 1st Dibs, Dekor, Mehrahban Rugs, Stahl and Band, And Garde shop.
“I decided to do the Masterclass because I’m a huge fan of Kelly Wearstler. I did learn a lot about mixing and matching patterns and colors. It inspired me,” says Tisdale. Photo: Tessa Neustadt

What’s Your Favorite Find?

I found this amazing 1960s midcentury Zenith record console cabinet. My husband has a great collection of records, so we love just hanging out and listening to music.

What’s Your Goal for Your Business?

To have fun. This isn’t my full-time job. I’m an actress first. I just have a passion for interior design and will continue to help friends and clients when I have the chance. It’s just something I can do that’s not in my direct business that’s a hobby.

How Does It Feel to Have Fans Like Diane Keaton Already? She Commented on One of Your Posts!

Diane Keaton is why I got into interior design. She opened my eyes to being creative in other fields besides acting. I received her book years ago from a friend, and my dream goal is to own one of the homes that she designed!

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