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This is a beautiful Bel-Air property in Los Angeles, California. It has a 180 Degree view of the city from Downtown to Santa Monica including Catalina Island. Set right on the hillside above UCLA and Westwood. The main house is roughly 10,000 square feet 4 bedrooms 6 baths. The accessory building features 5,000 square feet of subterranean 8-car garage, a movie theater, an office, and Nanny’s quarters.

The entire property is water conscious with a 5,000-gallon cistern tank that catches all rainwater on-site and redistributes to the planters, and hillside vegetation. Upon installing the cistern tank we found and dug up an old Cold War nuclear bomb shelter, very cool. The backyard has a low-tech cube-designed children’s playhouse. The house is fully integrated with an audio and visual Crestron system. The face of the accessory walls at the theater and office are of concrete board-on-board design. The board form design is also integrated throughout the property at various planters and BBQs.

The main house feature wall, as you approach the front entry door, is an elegant Geoweave tile providing an MC Escher look of tessellation and symmetry. This Bel-Air project is an amazing modern California home produced of the highest quality materials and craftsman. The architecture was provided by Philip Vertoch Design Architect.

The design was provided by Diego Monchamp of Brown Design in West Hollywood.

Property Description

  • Modern Architecture
  • 8 Car Garage
  • Movie Theater
  • Audio and visual Crestron system
  • Geoweave tile
  • Philip Vertoch Design Architect
  • Brown Design in West Hollywood

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