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Originally conceived and crafted by Matthew Leizer for Robby Krieger of The Doors. The house is of mid-century modern architecture. The hexagonal-shaped residence has been thoughtfully rebuilt, restored, and reimagined by Brown Design Group. A fusion of bespoke craftsmanship and distinctive geometric shapes creates a space devoid of right angles. The purpose of the void was extremely progressive at the time, intended to deflect sound for the purpose of recording.

The design was fully thought through from fascia boards to the shape of soffits. It allowed Krieger to record music without static or white noise. The house is extremely quiet and classic and the architect’s design intention still holds true to this day. Evoking the chic earthiness of the era and an effortless indoor-outdoor lifestyle, vaulted corked ceilings, a walnut Miele kitchen, and Terrazzo floors. The modernizing of the house works so well with the classic elements.

Upon the start of the project, we first saved the original 1960s Japanese Kawara-fired clay roofing tiles. Each tile contained an individualized authentic calligraphy stamp. This build posed many trick restoration pieces like the roof. We had to restore custom double-laminated rice paper (commonly used for lamination in the 1960s) film to recreate the ceiling light well cover unique to the house and design. The cover originally had a lead frame housing the 120-degree angle of the glass piece constant with a hexagonal design.

The 120-degree angle is consistent throughout the house, in that 120 degrees, is the angle of every angle in the interior of a hexagon. The garage door, miter glass windows, and pool angles also featured this mathematical layout.

History roams the halls, landing above the earthenware fireplace and featuring an original frieze art piece interpretation of The Doors. With a courtyard pool, bar, hot tub, built-in entertaining spaces and meditation garden. The house is a piece of restored architecture from a legend of Rock and Roll. Tisdale Construction was extremely honored to be the contractor for such an amazing piece of Los Angeles history.

The architect was part of the revolutionary Los Angeles architecture movement of Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra.

Property Description

  • Mid-century modern architecture
  • Vaulted corked ceilings
  • Walnut Miele kitchen
  • Terrazzo floors
  • Meditation Garden

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